Ambre Builder Gel Lilac Invisible by GUSI in jar, 15g

    Ambre Builder Gel Lilac Invisible by GUSI in jar, 15g

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          Builder Gel Lilac Invisible by GUSI Professional, a premium nail enhancement gel that delivers strength, versatility, and a touch of elegance with its sheer purple lilac hue. Perfectly packaged in a 15ml jar, this moderate consistency gel is designed for professional use, offering outstanding durability and style.

          1. What is Builder Nail Gel?
          Builder nail gel is a specialized gel used in manicures to create a robust, protective overlay that enhances the natural strength and durability of nails. Unlike regular nail polish, builder gel cures under UV or LED light, forming a solid, long-lasting extension.

          2. Uses of Nail Builder Gel
          The Builder Gel Lilac Invisible by GUSI is expertly formulated for:

          • Extensions: Apply using nail forms, dual systems, or false tips to extend and sculpt nails to desired lengths and shapes.
          • Strengthening and Modeling: Ideal for reinforcing the natural nail, providing a sturdy base that resists chipping and breaking.
          • Nail Design: Acts as a perfect canvas for nail art, enabling intricate designs and embellishments.

          3. How to Use Nail Builder Gel

          1. Prep the Nails: Clean, buff, and prime nails for the best adhesion.
          2. Apply the Gel: Use a brush to apply a thin layer of Builder Gel Lilac Invisible, sculpting as needed.
          3. Cure Under Light: Cure the application under a UV or LED lamp (UV for 2 minutes, LED for 30-60 seconds).
          4. Build and Shape: Add additional layers if greater thickness or length is desired, curing each layer fully.
          5. Finish: Seal with a top coat, cure, and remove any sticky residue.



          • Brand: GUSI
          • Hue: Purple Lilac
          • Consistency level: moderate
          • Transparency level: Sheer
          • Pack: Jar
          • Volume: 15g

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