Manicure Disposable Nail Files 150/180 Grid (10pcs) | HIGH Quality

    Manicure Disposable Nail Files 150/180 Grid (10pcs) | HIGH Quality

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          Manicure Disposable Nail Files 150/180 Grit (10pcs) by GUSI Professional, designed for exceptional performance and hygiene. These high-quality, dual-grit files are perfect for shaping both natural and artificial nails, ensuring smooth, flawless results with every use.

          1. What are Manicure Disposable Nail Files?
          Manicure disposable nail files are single-use tools made from wood and sandpaper, designed to shape and smooth the nails during a manicure. These files are intended to be disposed of after use, promoting a hygienic manicure environment.

          2. Uses of Manicure Nail Files
          The Manicure Disposable Nail Files by GUSI Professional are essential for:

          • Shaping Nails: Quickly and effectively shape natural and artificial nails to the desired length and contour.
          • Smoothing Edges: Perfect for smoothing rough edges and fine-tuning the nail surface, ensuring a polished look.
          • Prepping for Polishes and Treatments: Create an ideal nail surface for subsequent applications of polish or treatment.

          3. How to Use Manicure Disposable Nail Files

          1. Select the Appropriate Grit: Use the 150 grit side for reducing nail length and shaping, and the 180 grit for smoothing nail surfaces.
          2. File in One Direction: To prevent nail damage, file from the side to the center in one direction only.
          3. Dispose After Use: For optimal hygiene, dispose of the file after a single use, especially in a professional setting.


          • Brand: GUSI
          • Material: Wood
          • Sandpaper: Sandpaper
          • Color: Gray
          • Grit: 150/180
          • Size: 120x20x2 mm

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