Manicure Disposable Nail Files 180 Grid (10pcs) | HIGH Quality

    Manicure Disposable Nail Files 180 Grid (10pcs) | HIGH Quality

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            Replaceable Sandpaper Nail Files are designed to provide gentle and precise filing, ensuring your nails are perfectly shaped and smooth. These files are made with high-quality sandpaper that is durable and long-lasting, and the sandpaper is replaceable, making them an eco-friendly and sustainable choice for your nail care routine.

            Using Replaceable Sandpaper Nail Files is simple and convenient. Attach the sandpaper to the file's base, choose the right grit for your nail type and desired level of filing, and start shaping and smoothing your nails to perfection.

            Our online nail supplies store offers a range of Replaceable Sandpaper Nail Files in different grits to meet your specific needs. We also provide disposable sandpaper that ensures you always have the right grit for your files and maintain their top condition.

            Replaceable Sandpaper Nail Files are ideal for both at-home use and professional nail technicians.

            Invest in Replaceable Sandpaper Nail Files to upgrade your nail care routine today. These files are not only effective but also safer for your health and more cost-efficient and they are more affordable than traditional nail files, making them a must-have tool for nail technicians.


            • Brand: GUSI
            • Material: Sandpaper
            • Color: Gray
            • Grit: 180
            • Size: 180x30x1 mm

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